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About Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic 

Los Gatos Medi Spa

Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic was born out of Dr. Forouzan Vaghar’s vision for a clinic that offered medical aesthetic services in a spa-like setting. All patients receive personal attention from the doctor who performs the procedures. Providing these services in a medical setting means that the procedures are more efficient and more effective.

“The microdermabrasion I have, is 12 times stronger than the normal microdermabrasion,”

says Dr. Vaghar, medical director of Eternal Beauty Medical Clinic. With that kind of power, results come in one treatment rather than over the span of several weeks, which is typical of a spa Microdermabrasion treatment.

Our Philosophy

When patients come in for their free consultation, two sets of pictures are taken, one in daylight and one in UltraViolet light. The daylight picture emphasizes scars, wrinkles and sun damage, whereas the UV light looks at the quality of the skin and whether it’s dry or oily. Based on what she sees during that consultation, Dr. Vaghar will offer recommendations to improve the quality, texture and appearance of the skin.

Although the setting is medical, the atmosphere and ambience is not. Sunlight streams in through floor-to-ceiling windows, infusing the room with warmth and tranquility and a small fountain fills the room with the sounds of running water. The Medical Clinic also offers Board Certified Internal Medicine primary and private adult care. Compare that to most medical spas, and it’s like a dream come true

Meet the Staff
Title: Office ManagerKim Fisher
Background: I'm EB Medical Clinic office manager. I have background in business management and in the medical field. I am currently assisting Dr. Vaghar with primary care patients and cosmetic patients.

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